A downloadable Skelemeat for Windows


A Side-Scrolling Shooter, where enemies are constantly spawning, and you must defend yourself! In this fast-paced game you try to survive as long as possible from waves of enemies.

You're in a temple of old. Fighting constantly spawning flesh hungry meat cubes, and Skelebros that just want a hug, but little do they know.. their ribs puncture any of their unsuspecting lovers.

Send me your scores!


Strafe left - A

Strafe Right - D

Jump - W or space

Shoot - Left Mouse Button.

Aiming - The aiming is relative to the mouse.

Example: If the mouse is to the right of the player while they shoot, the player will shoot right.

Install instructions

Just download the executable. It runs fine.

There's no installation.


SkeleMeat.exe (2 MB)

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