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Hello! This is just a lil' tile set from a platformer mockup I made. I liked it so I fleshed out the tileset, and juiced everything up a bit. If you have any questions or suggestions for me, please share in the comments, or just DM me on twitter (@TheFish523).


- Fleshed out grass tileset, complete with slopes.

- Decorative props, including caves, town houses. 

- Animated player.

- Animated chests, and colored keys for their respective chest.

To come (possibly, no promises):

- Customizable town buildings.

- 4 variant areas (snow, desert, dungeon, etc.).

- Function blocks (springs, boxes, buttons).


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PlatformerPack.zip 751 kB

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Hey there! I really like your asset pack right here! You can see in what game I turned it in: Village Valley. Just a question before I sell the game: do you want credits or is there any limitations? Anyway, you've done a great job! Continue on that way and I am waiting for the 4 varient areas :)

4 Varient areas are kind of on hold right now as I am working on other projects. Anyways, crediting is appreciated and encouraged, but not required. There's also no real limitations on this pack legally, it's in the public domain so do what you wish. That means you can transform the assets, use them in a project commercial or free, etc.

Also, tell me when your game becomes public so I could view it!

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No matter, take your time, it makes better assets :) Okay, gonna add you in the credits of the game, you deserve it!

Thanks for the pass, note your game is now open to anyone who passes by this comment. I wish DMs were a thing in Itch. Regardless, I'd reccomend you use the alternate dirt ground tile to break up monoteny in the ground tiles, it makes it less obvious to see the grid. I like the menu thing you made, looks good. I'd reccomend you update the gui for the numbers of Gems and for the player health bar. You've shown your capable with that menu. 

If you do put me in the credits just list me under "Special Thanks"

I put you in "graphical art", would you rather be in special thanks

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I'd rather be in special thanks. This was a free art pack, so its not like I was hired and making this specifically for your project. So its more of just a "special thanks for putting these assets out for free for me to use." Thank you much and best of luck on the game!