A downloadable game for Windows

Live to Die Again is a small, and simple game.
You start out in a randomly generated room, with nothing but a pistol
to save you from an onslaught of enemies, that, and various loot chests.

The catch is, when you die the room you previously have gotten used to,
has now been removed, and anew room takes it's place. this forces you to
learn the layout and have a new experience each time you play. You could
have little to no chests, or an abundance. Many enemies or very little. 

Each time a room is generated the game picks from three themes.(Jungle, Cave, and Hell). This so the game has more variety, and content to offer. Each round is one room, that's how I kept it in theme with LD37.

I did a lot of crunching, so I hope it was worth it. Let's see how far 5 months of programming knowledge can get me.


Up, Left, Down, Right = W, A, S, D. (Sorry Non-QWERTY users)
Space = Throw Gun
Left Mouse = Shoot
E = Swap Gun. (When over a pickup gun, it will add pickup to inventory)

twitter - @TheFish523

Install instructions

1. Download Executable

2. Drag Executable from downloads to desktop.

3. Run Executable.


LTDA(New).exe 9 MB


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