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Hello! This is a small asset pack containing the absolutes for a Dungeon/Top Down game. Perfect for your prototype or commercial game, and completely free to use in the public domain. Enjoy! 

This pack contains:

- A 64 x 64 sprite sheet consisting of every player, enemy, and chest animation, along with items, and the tileset itself. 

- Organized Sprites that come in strips or gifs. 

- animated player, enemy, chest, items (coins, keys) 

Note I used the Vibrant Ghost colors, which you can find here.


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MicroPack.zip 42 kB


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Thanks for this, used this pack for a simple learning exercise in Godot.



Thank you for this. I'm just learning how to make games. This will help me a lot :)


hey fisherG a game have the credit like your game is in this link:



Really crisp asset pack! Thank you for making this :)

What should I use this for?

How do I use these?

Theres a variety of uses you could use them for. You could use them as place holder game art in your prototype, you could use them commercially, etc. As for how do you use them. It depends on your game engine.

I use RPG maker mv

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I have no experience with RPGMaker. So I'd say your best vote is to look up a tutorial on importing sprites into your game. Best of luck!


Hey fisherG, very cute design. Simple but with its own bit of complexity. :)

I made a little minigame demo of the room in your img its kind of funny

No link to the game? Alrighty. Glad you has some fun with it, though! :)

sorry I’ve been posting mini demos on my discord was waiting till I get more than the basics done to show you. All I have so far is the level that you made in the first png and the GUI+ items working. No levels or enemies yet only spent about 1hr so far on it

Best of luck!